10 must watch informative environmental documentaries

Despite what you currently see I haven’t always been this knowledgeable about environment issues, but over the past few years I’ve chosen to educate myself over entertain myself more often than not. One of the easiest ways I was able to do that was simply by watching documentaries on Netflix, and it all started for me with “What The Health” because of my interest in nutrition.

Slowly over time that original interest created a desire to learn even more and at one point I found myself watching a new documentary every few days, which has now greatly transformed the way I look at many things. Honestly I know after a long day of focusing at work most people want to unwind and watch something mindless, but I’ve come to realize that just because something is informative doesn’t mean it can’t be also entertaining. No matter what you’re interested in I’m sure there is something out there that you can connect with if you just give it a shot, especially since most documentaries are involve things that we are exposed to in our daily lives.

If you need some suggestions on where to start here are some of my favorite documentaries that I’ve watched over the past two years

1. What the Health
2. The True Cost
3. A Plastic Ocean
4. Before the Flood
5. Racing Extinction
6. Cowspiracy
7. Chasing Ice
8. Chasing Coral
9. The Devil We Know
10. No Impact Man

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