Hi my name is Philip Anthony Mangan  and I’m a model / actor / certified personal trainer based in New York City.  Over my past few years of living here I’ve been exposed to many new and interesting things, but the thing that has impacted me the most came from watching a documentary called “What the Health.”  After learning about the negative effects meat and dairy have on our health I honestly felt like I’d been lied to my whole life so the following day I immediately switched over to a vegan diet and from there I was lead down a rabbit hole of information that has entirely transformed my way of thinking and living.

I learned that being a vegan isn’t just about providing your body with better nutrients and preventing animals from harm, but the positive impact it also has on the planet.  As the environmental aspect shifted my thinking I started to make more mindful choices in my life regarding waste by purchasing less food packaged in plastic, taking reusable products on my daily travels, and making chemical free body care items at home.  Over time sustainable living turned into a big part of my daily lifestyle and I now want to share all the information I’ve learned thus far with you, as well as what I will continue to learn, from vegan recipes, to DIY daily care products, to reusable items, and to the best eco friendly clothing.

Lastly, I just want to mention that I don’t claim to create zero waste, I’m not completely plastic free, and I might not be the perfect vegan in some people’s minds, but each day I’m trying my best to find new ways to create less of an impact on the planet so that future generations can get to experience the same beautiful environment that we are blessed to live in right now.