An important part of self discovery we often overlook

Back when I was deciding on name for my website I kept in the forefront of my mind that there were many different things I wanted to speak about so I wanted to find a name that would be all encompassing. If you don’t know the definition of sustain, is it “able to be maintained at a certain rate or level”, which I believe doesn’t only just apply to a physical things that we can do or purchase, but the health of our mind and body as well.

Lately I’ve been at this point in my life where I’m not exactly sure what to do next, and this is definitely a feeling that I’m not use to because over the past few years I’ve been searching for/trying to create more opportunities to move around and experience. Basically the movement mindset has been a big part of my life and has allowed me to do some pretty amazing things, but I can’t help to think about where that is leading me to. I figured at this point I could either continue on the same circular path I’ve been on (which isn’t necessary a bad one) and keep getting roughly the same results (maybe even widening the path a bit), or I could take some time to understand what’s holding me back from achieving more.

Well I have to admit doing that hasn’t exactly been an easy task, and has been filled with lots of different emotions because it’s meant reaching deep inside myself to pull things out that I’ve overlooked for so many years. It’s honestly been scary as shit to face my true self because it sort of feels like I’ve been living a lie, but on the other hand it’s exciting to know myself on a greater level. I think when you actually know what you really want, what makes you tick, your strengths and your weakness, then you can use all of that to your advantage to achieve whatever you want. What’s crazy to me is that it’s such an important piece to the puzzle that I’ve overlooked for so long, but honestly I think most people probably are in that same boat which is why so many of us struggle to reach goals, make changes, and feel fulfilled. I guess what I’m getting at here is if you can open yourself up to face your most vulnerable self then you can become your most powerful self!

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