Can you feel the love?….the self love that is

Happy Valentines day everyone!  For the previous 4 years I’ve practiced self love on this day all alone & have been perfectly fine with it, but this year I got some additional love from my family, Bradley included (my parents golden retriever), which was refreshing and very much needed.

Although I try to practice self love not just on this day but everyday, lately I felt like I wasn’t giving it to myself. I was sleeping bad, I was eating bad (still vegan though), I was feeling lost/unmotivated, and it all lead me to thinking negatively.  I honestly just felt completely drained of energy and felt like I needed to make a major change to correct that so I decided to book a flight home.

Let me make this clear I’m not a quitter by any means (especially when things get a little tough), and I definitely don’t run away from my problems (even if it’s just ones I’ve created in my head), but I’m very self aware to the point where I know when a change is needed or else I will continue on a downward spiral.   I think it’s very important to constantly self examine yourself to make sure you are giving yourself the care needed to be your best self because sometimes it’s easy to fall off that path much quicker than it took to get on it, and even easier to let things continue on that way.

With that being said, I spent the day regaining my composure, outside in nature, with my family, eating a healthy vegan meal for dinner, doing some writing, and relaxing in bed listening to music. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think this solves everything, but I think it’s an important step back in the right direction that I plan to continue to build on.  However during this recent struggle I’ve also come to the realization though that I will not always be my best self and that I will always be a work in progress, which I think is also an important mindset to have because then you can prepare yourself to handle the future days of struggle.  In the end if you don’t love yourself on all of the days, both the good and bad ones, then how can you be fully able to give your love to others!


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