Chew your drink and drink your food!

Taking care of business today and the rest of the week with 3 days of shooting ahead of me. In this industry you never really know when the next job is coming so I’m very thankful to have this much work, especially all in one week. When I go to these jobs I’ve learned to plan ahead because they end up going basically either one of two different ways; you have a lot of down time or you have none at all.  Today was one of those days with lots of down time so I’m glad I packed a book to read (I’m currently reading “The Celestine Prophecy” if you were curious).

Also even though they had some great plant based snacks options to kill time eating (like nuts, figs, and a bunch of packaged treats I would never buy) I’m glad I prepped a smoothie and some other snacks because the lunch option was nothing to brag about.  Since I went vegan I’ve definitely been more mindful on how textures play a part in feeling satisfied, and noticed that when I use to drink my smoothies before I would still be hungry, especially if drank it quickly.

After doing some research I discovered the reason that was happening is because when you don’t chew nutrients digestive enzymes don’t get activated.  Our mouth secretes saliva which has the digestive enzymes required to break down the food easing the load on our stomach, so a rule of thumb for making sure it happens is “Chew your drink, and drink your food”.  One good way at making sure you do this with smoothies is making them thick, so lately I’ve been using tofu, yes tofu, to thicken mine up.  Tofu is high in protein and great at absorbing flavors as well so I highly suggest giving it a try!

Check out my Green Tofu Smoothie Recipe!

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