These are a few of my favorite documentaries that have helped open my eyes and completely transform the way I now live. I highly recommend checking them out if you are interested in becoming more mindful about your health, animals, and the state of our planet………..

What The Health is the documentary that started this whole journey for me into vegan and sustainable living. It uncovers the health risks of meat and dairy products consumption, and focuses on how a plant based diet can help prevent and even reverse chronic diseases. Since I’ve been interested in anything health and fitness related for many years I instantly made the connection to what I saw so the following day I decided to go vegan and haven’t looked back.

The True Cost was another documentary that instantly made a strong impact on me. Since I work in the modeling industry and fashion plays a big role in my life I was shocked to discover how much of a negative impact clothing is making on our environment, as well as the harsh conditions workers face who manufacture it. From what I saw and learned, the way I now look at and consume clothing has been forever changed.

A Plastic Ocean is an eye opening documentary about how plastic is effecting our oceans and our entire planet. I watched it at a time where I thought I knew everything about plastic pollution, but I quickly proved wrong as it goes into greater depth of how many different marine animals, people, and places it is effecting. Watching this documentary was yet another reason to continue educating myself on how to reduce my own plastic usage as well as teach others about it.