My favorite eco friendly apps

Let’s talk about apps for a second. We use them for everything, our finances, listening to music, working out, staying connected, and even dating. Although I’m not big fan of dating apps I recently did a shoot for one called Date my Friend that has a cool new concept where you and your friends play match maker for one another.

In our ever evolving digital world there really seems to be no shortage of new app’s out there like this one, however sometimes it can be really tough to find the ones that can be most useful to you. Fortunately over the past year I’ve been able to sift through the not so useful ones and incorporate some great ones into my daily life that have helped me save money, reduce my waste, shop more sustainably and improve my health/the environment.

I highly suggest checking out these 5 apps if you are interested in doing any of those same things…….

  1. Tap – allows you to find nearby water refill stations so you never have to buy bottle water again
  2. Good on You – provides ratings and helps you discover ethical and sustainable fashion options from over 2,000 brands
  3. Happy Cow – helps you find nearby vegan / vegetarian / healthy food restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores in over 180 countries
  4. Ecosia – is a search engine that uses the profit they make from searches ads to plant trees
  5. EWG Healthy Living – provides you with health and safety ratings of over 200,000 food and cosmetic product


Thredup – it’s the worlds largest consignment and secondhand shopping destination (still waiting for them to add mens stuff though)

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