Fashion revolution week is here!

If you guys didn’t know this week is Fashion Revolution week, which was created to commemorate the lives lost in the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse that killed 1138 people on 24th April 2013. This was worst tragedy in the history of the world’s garment industry and these workers perished making the CHEAP clothes that we buy from retailers such as, J.C. Penney, Benetton, The Children’s Place, Inditex (the parent company of Zara), The North Face and Wal-Mart, so during this week brands are encouraged to demonstrate transparency in their supply chain.

If you have absolutely no clue what that transparency means, don’t worry it is something most of us don’t think about because we have been so accustomed to just consuming clothes without any other thought than does this item look good on me. Transparency in the supply chain means knowing how our clothing is made, what’s it made from, who makes it and how they are treated. If you’ve ever purchased a shirt or dress that you couldn’t believe how cheap you got it for then just stop for a second to think about how is that really possible. Honestly when something is that cheap it is usually poorly made, made with synthetic fibers & materials, and made in factories where workers aren’t receiving fair wages & working conditions.

Ever since I learned about these issues I refuse to look away, and the best way to put it is I now look at the way clothes are made the same way I look at how my food is made. Moving forward I highly suggest you also start questioning #whomademyclothes before making any more purchases. One brand that I love in particular who provides complete transparency is Tact & Stone. From their partner factories that support healthy working environments & the communities in which they reside, to the natural fibers and materials use in the creation of these, they are a prime example of how clothing companies should be!

To learn more about Fashion Revolution week and how you can get involved check out

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