Green the way you clean this spring with plastic free sponges

Happy month of April / April Fool’s Day! While many people might be using this day to tell corny jokes, something to not joke about is the amount of waste that is created by doing a simple task such as cleaning the kitchen.

Did you know that most common kitchen sponges are made from plastic, and they can’t be recycled or composted, which means they are going straight into the landfill to sit for 100’s of years, as well as to continue their harm on the environment. If being made of plastic wasn’t bad enough already, they’re also made with bleach, assorted sulfates and a whole slew of chemicals like triclosan which is an antibacterial agent that is registered with the EPA as being a pesticide. Aside from increasing evidence linking triclosan to health problems like cancer, it’s also believed to destroy fragile aquatic ecosystems especially algae and coral especially since sewerage and waste water treatment plants cannot remove it.

I’m not going to lie I find it pretty crazy that something such as cleaning, which is suppose to prevent us from getting illness, has actually been causing more harm than good. Now I’m not saying don’t clean because I’m all about cleaning, especially when it comes to doing the dishes (it’s very therapeutic to me), but what I’m saying is that we need to clean up the way we clean.

Don’t worry this is an easy fix and you can start by simply avoiding any sponge pack on your supermarket shelf that says anti-bacterial or destroys odors because it’s likely to contain triclosan or something equally damaging to the environment. Instead I suggest looking for ones made out of 100% plant based materials like cellulose, which are organic and biodegradable. There are some great options out there that you can order on my Amazon storefront or that you can find at Whole Foods & Trader Joes. However, if you want the cheapest and greenest route I suggest cutting up an old cotton towel or t-shirt because you can keep reusing it for years to come!

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