I believe I can fly…..and create less of a footprint

I believe I can fly….eyes closed and into the sunshine.  Off to California I go this evening for a nice break from the incoming cold rainy weather and to meet some modeling/acting agencies in Los Angeles.   Also in case you were wondering I won’t be fake flying there on my bike, instead I’ll be traveling by plane like most people do.

In the recent months it seems like I’ve been on more flights than ever before, which unfortunately means I’m creating more of a footprint since aviation accounts for 2% of the global co2 emissions, however whenever I can I try to make sure I fly with an airlines using biofuels like I did with my flight today on United Airlines.

If you didn’t know biofuels are renewable fuels that use a biological source like cooking oil or algae rather than a geological one like oil, and United flights use a mixture of 30 percent biofuel and 70 percent traditional fuel.  Well that might not sound like a huge amount of biofuel but this helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 60 percent compared with regular fuel which is pretty awesome.

This definitely helps make me a feel a bit better about flying, however I still try to do more to lessen my footprint such as by carrying the least amount of luggage with me as possible.  Not only will less weight help reduce the planes emissions even more, but it also helps me save money by not paying a pricey baggage fee. If you are curious on what reusables & sustainable items that I bring on a short 3 day trip check out my list below.


Organic Roasted Soy Nuts in an cloth drawstring bag from Eco Bags

Organic Baked Sweet Potato in an reusuable ziplock bag from Stasher Bags

A packet of oatmeal in a paper pouch (I don’t buy this ever but got a packet on my chicago trip)

Nuts/Dry fruit mix (reusing a trader joes pumpkin seed bag)

Instant Coffee in stainless steel Lunch Bots container


Natural Deodorant by The best Deodorant in the world

Natural Sunscreen by Avasol

Bamboo Toothbrush by Brush with Bamboo

Charcoal Floss by Lucky Teeth

Natural Pomade by Wise Mens Care

Peppermint essential oil by Young Living (to make tooth paste when I arrive)

Wise Bar soap wrapped up in Wrappa Reusable Plant based Wraps


Reusable water bottle by Swell

Reusable silverware set by Joesph and Joesph

Sock Shoes by Skinners footwear

Iphone (not shown) & Iphone charger

Sunglasses by Moscot

Macbook & charger (not shown)

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