It’s National Pizza Day, but no cheese is necessary!

Although I’m a day late, happy National Pizza Day everyone!  Let’s be honest this holiday should be everyday anyways so I didn’t really miss it, but I can tell you something that I did miss, especially for a quite while after I went vegan, and that was cheese on my pizza.  When I first switched over to a vegan diet cheese was definitely one of those things that was hard to let go of and even more so when it came to having a delicious slice of pizza because it’s usually the star ingredient.

Honestly there wasn’t really any vegan cheese options that I would come across that gave me the same satisfaction and there really still isn’t any in my opinion that can “completely” replicate the stretchy texture of it. However, my level of satisfaction changed when I started realizing cheese didn’t have to be the star, and that when you have a slice with quality ingredients like good dough, sauce, and toppings than it’s much easier not to miss. For instance the pizza I had today from Eataly (see photo below) was simplicity at it’s finest, vegan pesto with tomatoes, and I couldn’t have been any more satisfied from the perfectly crispy yet chewy crust to delicious sauce and oven roasted tomatoes.  I think as with all good things quality over quantity can be applied here, and for those that aren’t convinced that a cheeseless pizza can be good I suggest giving it a try with that in mind. If chain restaurants are more your thing I also want to mention I had pizza on Friday (yes I went pizza crazy this weekend) from Blaze Pizza and although their sauce and dough was different than Eatly’s it was still quite delicious (plus they have vegan cheese and tons of veggies to top it with) so I definitely suggest that option.  Now I may not be able to speak for everyone when it comes to the satisfaction of food, but I always love when I can find something that gives me the same level of joy that I had prior to going vegan and that is also completely cruelty free.

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