It’s time to start drinking differently!

Today I’m heading back home to NYC today after a good but cold time in Chicago doing a modeling job, and visiting some family.  It’s always nice to come in for a duo purpose visit but I’m happy to be leaving, especially since it was 26 degrees outside when I woke up this morning.  When it’s that cold out I throw many layers on (basically everything I brought with me) and then grab my bag and head to a heated location as quickly as possible.  However, the one thing that is also always part of my style no matter the temperature is a reusable bottle.

Since my signature go to Swell bottle is only 8oz (which is convenient for walking around the city), when I travel I like to bring something bigger in order to stay hydrated.  Instead of going out and buying a new/bigger bottle, I recently decided to repurpose a glass peanut butter jar after I ate it all.   Although some people have told me they thought I was carrying moonshine around, honestly I don’t mind using it and believe it serves the overall purpose (hydrate/reduce plastic/save money).

The only issue I really ever come across with it or any reusable bottle is that I can’t always find a place to fill it up. I’ve had places happily welcome it, I’ve had places turn me away saying it was unsanitary (Starbucks), I’ve used bathroom sinks when necessary, and at times I’ve come across a few hidden gems such as water stations.  Either way it’s always hit or miss and takes time/effort to figure it out which can get annoying especially when you are thirsty.  Well fortunately I’m excited to know that my problem is now solved today with the official launch of the Find Tap App (think gas finder app but for finding water).  This is honestly one of the best ideas I’ve seen in years and can’t wait to start using it to drink different!

You can find more info out and download the app to your mobile device via the link below!

Find Tap!



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