Yet another reason to buy organic food

Welcoming in a brand new week of possibilities today. Whenever I’m not outside baking in the Florida sun, I like to do some baking in the kitchen with some fresh & real ingredients. My most recent baking addiction, which I’m honestly surprised took me so long to try out, has been kale chips!

This simple, healthy, delicious snack is satisfying on so many levels from its perfectly crispy texture to it’s satisfying taste. After seeing how easy it is to make, as well as how much cheaper and low waste it is compared to store bought versions I don’t think I could even imagine having it another way. However if I did decide to try some out from the store I would definitely make sure to buy an organic version, especially after reading a recent analysis by the Environmental Working Group which stated that organic packaged foods are the only “safe” convenience foods.

The group says that organic foods, under the USDA National Organic Program, are limited to fewer than 40 chemicals and synthetic ingredients, but non-organic cereal, snacks, salad dressing, and more can contain any of at least 2,000 chemical preservatives, synthetic colors and flavors, and other chemicals such as stabilizers and emulsifiers. Now that is a major difference and I don’t know about you but I don’t want 100’s or even 1000’s of chemical preservatives in whatever it is that I’m eating no matter how good it tastes. Also if you weren’t still already aware most packaged foods are usually stripped of their nutrients, so having a ton of chemical preservatives should be just another reason not to purchase them, especially since many of these food chemicals have connections to cancer and other serious health concerns.

The best way to avoid this dangerous problem is to just buy less packaged foods, and instead purchase more whole foods like fruits, veggies, grains, beans, & nut/seeds. This will not only help you avoid synthetic chemicals and provide a healthier option, but it will most likely save you money in the long run from future health issues!

Click to check out my simple Kale Chip recipe

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