Our Children’s Earth advocates on behalf of children, who are most vulnerable to pollution, to enable them to breathe clean air and use clean water. They educate the public about the health problems caused by pollution in their neighborhoods, and empower affected communities to take action to reduce pollution.

There is no cost for a membership, but every donation helps their cause. Please make sure to take a minute to at least sign up because every member they have helps in the fight for public and environmental health.

Remake is all about igniting a conscious consumer movement to turn fashion into a force for good. They share facts and stories to help you break up with fast fashion and provide seasonal curated collections to remake your closet with fashion that respects the women who make the clothes as well as the planet.

If you want to get involved you can start by pledging to shop differently for 30 days and getting to know brands that value people and planet.

100 For All is dedicated to addressing the global water crisis, and through collaboration with mission-aligned organizations, sponsors, and donations, they raise social consciousness about the water crisis, create new strategies to promote water sustainability, and install cost-efficient water treatment solutions to affected regions across the world.

Right now they are running a campaign committed to providing over 1.5 million days of clean water in schools and homes in Nicaragua, Bali, Nepal, and Mexico, and for every 1 dollar invested in clean water, 4 dollars in economic return are provided through clean water impact.