Vegan Superbowl Sunday

Who’s ready for the big game today? Although I like watching football occasionally, to me the Super Bowl has always just been a good reason to eat delicious food and watch cool tv commercials.  Did you know today will mark the first time ever that a plant based meat commercial will air on the biggest ad stage in the world!   Yes it’s really happening and the 30 second spot is by Carl’s Jr. and will feature their new vegan burger from Beyond Meat.  This is a major win in my opinion because it shows that the fast food industry knows there’s a growing demand for more vegan options and is now even willing to invest their advertising dollars into it.

Thus, if you are looking for a great option to add to your festivities today swing by one of their 1,490 locations across the US, but be mindful that the cheese and mayo are non vegan.  If you happen to not be near one you can always grab a similar option from a White Castle location with their Impossible foods slider which came out last year.  Also if you aren’t a burger person there’s also plenty of ways to veganize your day like making some delicious buffalo cauliflower wings or vegan nachos with soy chorizo (my two favorites). Lastly, no matter who ends up winning the game today, the fact that more people are starting to choose to eat plants over meat means the planet, the animals, and all of us win because we are making the world a more sustainable place to live.

Touchdown for vegans!

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