The most effective way to curb climate change isn’t what you might think….

Happy Earth Day everyone! So I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to share with you guys today because earth day is everyday in my world and I really didn’t think there was anything I could provide you with that would create more of an impact than what I normally do.

I’m not going to lie there has been many times where I’ve felt skeptical about if my daily actions even are really making any difference in the grand scheme of things because the more I learn it seems like there is so much that is out of my control no matter what I choose to do. For instance I could pick up trash on a beach but what’s stopping that trash from ending up in another spot that will cause harm, or I could choose to avoid chemicals in my products but whats stopping me from being exposed to them in the air I breathe or water I drink.

What I’m getting at here is that if we don’t change the way the system is ran it will remain broken no matter what we do, and it is more evident to me now than ever after I stumbled across a quiz today on the most effective ways to curb climate change. Shockingly the number 1 thing was something I had no clue about which was managing refrigeration chemicals. Did you know the chemicals used in our fridges and A/C units trap 1000’s of times more heat than CO2, and if we prevented refrigerants from leaking/switch to using cleaner chemicals it would be like keeping nearly 90 gigatons of CO2 out fo the atmosphere, which translates into 629 million cars off the road!

Back in 2016, the US actually adopted an amendment to phase out these refrigerants over the next 30 years, but the Trump administration has yet to ratify it. Now I’ve never been very political, but when I learned that one of the biggest keys to curbing climate change was in the hands of a man who doesn’t believe in it than you can bet your ass I will be doing more action and I suggest you do the same by contacting your US senator or representative to voice your opinion, or becoming a member of an organization like the OCE Foundation who fights against those issues.

Lastly, I want to end this on a more positive note and mention the things that are in your complete control that can create a major positive impact on our planet. They are as follows:

  1. switching over to a plant based diet
  2. creating less food waste

Don’t lose hope, instead be the change while you seek the change!

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