The most sustainable energy bar on the market!

There are a lot of things in my life to smile about, but today it’s for all natural energy bars that have compostable wrapping.  I first came across these Regrained bars a few months back when I was searching for a more sustainable option to the bars you find in stores which are usually packaged in material that isn’t even recyclable.   I instantly fell in love with this brand when I discovered not only do they use sustainable packaging, but that you can actually compost the wrapper at home instead of having to send it off to an industrial facility like most compostable plastics.  Pretty amazing stuff, but that’s not all because these bars are also made from food waste, spent beer grains to be exact, hence the name “regrained”.  All of this is sustainability at it’s finest, and I love that they are setting the standard in the industry!

They have tree different flavors to choose from: Honey Cinnamon IPA (which I want to mention is not vegan), Blueberry Sunflower Saison, and Chocolate Coffee Stout which is my favorite!  I highly recommend ordering some for your future travels or just for an everyday snack!

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