The most sustainable pillow on the market

I woke up like this? Nope far from it because it’s actually raining out today and I don’t even have a window in my bedroom so there’s definitely no beautiful natural light like this glistening on face in the morning, and not to mention my hair definitely looks much crazier than this when I wake from a night of dreaming about vegan treats.

Despite all of that, I did however wake up from sleeping on my sustainable Skinny Pillow. If you didn’t know most pillows are made from synthetic materials, covered in chemicals, and/or contain animal feathers, which means they are not very environmental, human, or animal friendly. Skinny Pillow is changing that though by making pillows out of organic cotton and material that comes from a plant called Kapok, which is biodegradable, water repellant, and considered hypoallergenic.

Now to give you my opinion on the comfort of this pillow let me paint you a picture…….you’re looking at a person who has slept in many different places and on many different pillows over the past year so I’ve struggled with sleep many of times, but I can honestly say since I’ve been sleeping on it over the past month it has been a real game changer in the quality of my sleep, and I will definitely be bringing this with me wherever I move for many years to come, as well as compost it when its time is done. All pretty awesome stuff if you ask me and if you were hesitant on investing the money into a natural option like this it is important to consider that the lifetime of synthetic pillows are from 6 to 8 months, while all-natural pillows can last anywhere from 7 to 10 years.

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