All I want for Christmas is a paper leather bag!

Happy Friday! Now that November is here it means the holiday shopping season has probably started for many people. Although I strongly believe we need to purchase less things, if you are going to purchase something then please make it a sustainably made item like this bag from Gunas New York.

It’s not only beautifully crafted but it’s also ethically made and cruelty free. Since most vegan leather bags are made out of plastic which is indeed better than using animal skin, it’s still not very ideal for the environment. Fortunately Gunas is using a new technology called Mulbtex which allows their artisans to handcraft a bag from paper by using Mulberry pulp leaves! Pretty amazing stuff, and if you know someone that is in need of a new bag I highly suggest purchasing this unisex one.

Lastly I’m very proud and thankful to of had the opportunity to be the first guy they’ve ever shot with! Check me out modeling the bag in the videos below.

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