Two ingredient DIY facial serum

Who couldn’t use a little extra hydration boost especially after the weekend so thats why I started off my week making a little DIY facial serum. So back when I went first went vegan almost 2 years ago it was because I cared about what I was putting in my body, but eventually I made a similar connection to what I was also putting on my body. I started reading the labels to the daily care products I used on my skin and quickly realized I had no clue what most of the ingredients were and where they came from.

After doing some research I quickly discovered a lot of these ingredients are either made from animal byproducts or synthetic elements like petroleum. Did you know unlike certain foods and drugs, personal care products aren’t required to announce the harmful byproducts and carcinogens they may contain, and although the FDA may prohibit certain ingredients and misguided labeling what actually goes in your creams and sprays is left to each company’s discretion.

Well ever since I learned that information I haven’t purchased any of the same products I was using, and instead now make all of my own facial serum at home with hyraulonic acid. This is an ingredient that you hear popping up more and more into skin care products, but you might be wondering what exactly is it? No it’s not a harmful acid, instead the human body naturally make this substance and it keeps our cells hydrated, lubricates joints, and repairs our body. Also it has been said that it can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water so when used to hydrate your skin cells it can lock in the precious H20 to make sure nothing goes to waste.

Pretty awesome stuff right, and when I found this out I decided to find a pure source of it so I could create my own without the other sketchy ingredients in it. What’s great is that I now know not only what is in my serum, but I’m preventing packaging waste and definitely saving money because I can make 10 jars of pure hydration for the same price I would have paid for 1 in the store. Lastly, definitely make sure you are getting a certified vegan powder, one made from plant sources, because some hyaluronic acid can be derived from rooster combs.

Check out my recipe!

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