Vegan barefoot shoes = win for the environment & body

I’m not going to lie I love being barefoot and the article of clothing you most likely will find me not wearing on any given day are shoes. Did you know that the human foot has 26 bones, 33 joints each with 6 degrees of freedom of motion, and 20 plus muscles with 10 of them being in the arch! Pretty crazy to think about right, but what’s even crazier is how we cover up our feet with shoes that prevent all those bones, joints, and muscles from properly functioning.

Since most modern shoes are rigid, thick soled, and don’t follow the shape of the foot, they strip away all of our natural movement leaving our muscles to relax and deactivate thus contributing to a lot of problems in other parts of the body such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and knee-hip-back pain. Unfortunately with most brands fashion comes before performance when it involves our precious feet, but about a year ago I discovered a brand that merges fashion and performance together equally called Vivo Barefoot . They make stylish minimalist shoes for men women and children, and have options for all occasions such as athletic, leisure, and dress. Whats even more awesome is they create a lot of vegan versions of their shoes, as well as many that are made out of recycled plastic bottles.

Pretty amazing stuff if you ask me, and if you do happen to catch me in shoes you can bet your ass theres a good chance you’ll find me in the ones I purchased from them earlier this year. Lastly, I want to point out this is not a paid endorsement, and actually I’ve never been paid by any of the brands I choose to mention on here, instead I just want to spread the knowledge of a brand doing good not only for our bodies but the planet as well.

Check out their short informative video on foot health below!

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