Vegandale food and drink festival came to town!

When a vegan food festival comes to town you can bet your ass I’ll be there supporting it, and eating all the free samples I can find.  Although there unfortunately wasn’t that many samples at I still had a great time seeing some familiar faces such as the owners of brands Teeminder, Crazies and Weirdos, as well as connecting with some new ones.  This year the event Vegandale was held at Randall’s Island Park over a 2 day period with over 120 vendors with 20 traveling from out of town.  I attended on Sunday with a couple of friends/vegans and we ate our through the day trying delicious food as well as drinking the day away (kombucha samples were free everywhere)!

Whenever I go to these events it always makes me happy to see the massive amount of people that are taking part in this growing movement. Whether they are just coming because it was something to do on the weekend, love the food, think it’s cool, care about their health, animals, or the environment, I believe it’s all positive either way because no animals were harmed and it created a lesser impact on the planet.

If you happened to miss Vegandale this year and are in the Tristate area definitely check out the New Jersey Vegfest at the Meadowlands Expo center this coming weekend!  I’m sure it’ll be just as tasty!

New Jersey VegFest Tickets

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