What you should know about fabrics made from bamboo

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my daily stories then probably know there are at least 2 things I do everyday, which are eat oats for breakfast & workout, but if you don’t follow me or watch them then now you know. I’m always all in with my oats, but it’s not always the most intense workout, instead it’s something that makes me feel balanced, accomplished, and keeps me sane. Basically it’s a big part of my lifestyle and most days you can find me casually wearing my workout clothes all day long because I like to remain active.

If you didn’t know most workout clothes are made with synthetic fabrics like polyester (aka plastic), but there’s more that are starting to pop up with fabric in them under the different names Viscose, Rayon, Lyocell, and Modal. Although all are derived from natural materials like cellulose or wood pulp of bamboo and eucalyptus trees which is great, unfortunately all are not created equally with Rayon and Viscose being produced through a highly intensive chemical process that leaves the end material somewhere between naturals and synthetics. On the other hand Lyocell and Modal fibers use a non-toxic, organic compound which is easier to filter and used in a closed loop production process, and a company that is leading the way in producing these fibers is Tencel.

Whats awesome about them is they are making their fibers from sustainably farmed trees, are 100% biodegradable, use 80% less water than cotton to produce & generate zero gas emissions in their production process. If that’s not amazing enough by itself they’re working with One Tree Planted (a non-profit focused on global reforestation) this month for Earth Month, and their efforts will specifically be aimed at replanting trees in the California forests that were recently ravaged by this past Fall’s wildfires.

If interested in helping them out with their efforts out it’s as simple as liking one of their pictures on Instagram because for every 50 likes they get this month they will be donating one tree. Pretty awesome stuff if you ask me, and if you were also wondering where you can find their fibers at, they can be found in clothing at a lot of big name brands like Nike, Jcrew, and Levis, as well as some great sustainable brands like Patagonia, Reformation, and Saint Basics.

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